In the afternoon Nov. 3th 2018, Hanzhoung bus out of control resulted in 2 deaths and 5 injuries because of sudden onset of syncope disease in bus driver.


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Traffic police in Hanzhong City of China reported that a bus accident occurred at the intersection of Xinghan Road and Renmin Road at 14:35 pm on Nov. 3 in Hantai District, Hanzhong City, Shannxi Province, China. After that, Hanzhong Municipal Public Security Bureau immediately initiated the emergency response mechanism to carry out effective work such as wounded rescue, on-site investigation, traffic guidance and order maintenance in a timely manner.


Reason Of Accident

According to the investigation and evidence collection by the public security organs and the examination and diagnosis by the hospital, it has been found that the accident was a road traffic accident caused by the sudden syncope of driver Mr. Zhang, which led to the uncontrolled vehicle. Meanwhile, driver has been excluded from drunk driving, drug driving and other human factors.


Result After Accident

At present, five injured people in the accident, two of them have gone home after hospital examination, and three of them have been treated in the hospital. Their physical signs are stable. The aftermath of the traffic accident 2 of the dead have been launched. The subsequent handling of accidents is being investigated and dealt with by public security organs according to procedures.


The Public Follow

After this post has been publicity through Hanzhong Municipal Public Security Bureau on the website. The most of public already have replied online to show their concern about this traffic accident and At the same time, they expressed their condolences to the dead. Some of Netizen think that the life of people are really the most precious and the people cannot predict what happen in the the future, so please cherish our life and value our health.




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The Bus Accident in Hanzhoung of China

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