Delicious and flavor Indian recipe about creamy curry chicken will bring you special feeling. Cook curry with curry powder without adding a drop of water, replacing the water by the original version with yogurt milk. Actually we should use fresh cream, but the price of fresh cream is relatively expensive, if milk instead of fresh cream then there is another special flavor and strong taste rather than cream. If you think more about curry flavor, then curry powder can be added as much as you like. Well, below is the recipe methods, please read carefully.

Nutrition of Food Materials

  • Milk

Calorie (54.00 kcal), protein (3.00 g), fat (3.20 g), carbohydrate (3.40 g), vitamin A (24.00 mg), thiamine (0.03 mg), riboflavin (0.14 mg), nicotinic acid (0.10 mg), vitamin C (1.00 mg), vitamin E (0.21 mg), calcium (104.00 mg). Phosphorus (73.00 mg), sodium (37.20 mg), magnesium (11.00 mg), iron (0.30 mg), zinc (0.42 mg), selenium (1.94 mg), copper (0.02 mg), manganese (0.03 mg), potassium (109.00 mg), cholesterol (15.00 mg).


There are 20 kinds of amino acids that make up human protein, of which 8 are not synthesized by human body itself (9 in infants not synthesized and one more histidine than in adults’). These amino acids are called essential amino acids.


  • Chicken

Chicken contains vitamin C, E and related other Vitamin Series meanwhile Protein contains is also high comparing with other food or exact meat. Its proteins are easily to be intake by human with power to increase energy and strengthen bodies. In addition, it contains phospholipids which play an important role in human growth and development, and is one of the important sources of fat and phospholipids in human dietary structure.



Preserved chicken 200g

Carrot 1/2 pcs

Onion 1/2 pcs

Peasecod proper

Garlic Italy tomato sauce 4 tablespoons

Milk 70ml

Unsalted Butter 20g



  1. Prepare the sauce to preserved the chicken. Milk, Curry, proper pepper powder and salts are main composition for sauce.
  2. Mixing all materials of making sauce together, then stirring evenly.
  3. Put the chicken inside the sauce, noticed as chicken should be the meat from chicken leg.
  4. Evenly stir the sauce and it had better cover whole chicken. This method may promote the chicken more soft. And preserved till tomorrow morning.
  5. Prepare related vegetable such as carrots, onion and peasecod. All of these vegetable should be diced.
  6. Heat the pan then put 20g cream and onion, medium heat for frying it till
  7. Fried the carrots again then use for next method.
  8. Fired the carrots dices again with Garlic Italy tomato sauce.
  9. Put the onion prepared into the pan, then fired the carrots, onion together.
  10. Put 70ml milk into saucepan, and pour the vegetable fired into saucepan together. Stirring evenly.
  11. Preserved chicken with sauces have to be put into saucepan. Low-heat to boil the materials and stir evenly.
  12. Put the pea into the saucepan, and cooked again till the content inside the saucepan feel thick and viscous.

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India Creamy Curry Chicken

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