The emergence of new retail has a certain impact on industrial integration. Do you think the new retail will be a unicorn?

Miao Wang: Simply put, the core value of the new retail is a new retail business model that will maximize the efficiency of the circulation of the retail industry and enhance the offline C-end consumer here We believe that the emergence of new retail is mainly affected by three factors. From a technical perspective, the infrastructure needed for new businesses has begun to take shape, and big data, cloud computing, and mobile Internet terminals are gradually maturing. From the consumer level, many studies have shown that the degree of digitization of consumers and the closeness of the Internet are constantly improving. From an industry perspective, the current global physical retail development is slowing down, and it is necessary to find new growth drivers. China’s physical retail development is at an early stage, development is uneven, and the problems of the profit model must also be resolved. So these three aspects have become an important factor in the emergence of new retail.Mini electric scooter manufacturer

China Economic Times: In your opinion, what changes have brought in the new retail?

Miao Wang: New retail is different from any retail change in the past. It will insert data wings for traditional retail formats, optimize asset allocation, incubate new retail species, reshape value chains, create efficient enterprises, lead consumption upgrades,click here  and generate The new service providers and the formation of a new retail ecosystem are new opportunities for China’s retail development. The new retail will bring “everywhere” consumption scenes, shopping malls, online stores, live broadcasts, are all consumption scenes. On the consumer side, big data allows us to clearly understand what people have bought. At the same time, the requirements of goods are changing, consumers are no longer just pursuing goods and services, but have more individual requirements. In short, the new retail will reconstruct the three elements of “people, goods, and field”. Under the traditional retail conditions, the brand suppliers supply according to experience, and the online and offline are separated. Under the new retail, who is the consumer? It is very clear, and can be delivered according to their needs, coupled with the ubiquitous consumption scene, the past “goods – field – people” into “people – goods – field.”

Convergence refers to the integration of online marketers and operators, and online empowerment, reducing offline operating costs, reducing human resource costs, reducing logistics and inventory costs, and reducing container display costs. At the same time, the offline empowerment line enhances the consumer experience and the real touch of the consumer, and controls the real consumption demand of the C-end under the line, so that the commercial return to the C-end eventually achieves the fusion of virtual and physical. Cross-border refers to the fact that people under the line do online things that bring the refined thinking of the line to the line,click here and people on the line do things offline. Responsibility reconstruction refers to the end of the new retail economy after cross-border integration, which has a sticky C-end users, which is the main one, and the primary and secondary points are clear.

Promote the Integration of Industry and Finance and Return to the Commercial Essence (IV)

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