Purchase restriction

Experts pointed out that if the restrictions on purchases are liberalized, they will inevitably be replaced by taxation policies, such as increasing transaction taxes, capital gains tax, and property taxes. This will avoid the rapid rise of housing prices in the next round. Wang Baoan, assistant secretary of the Ministry of Finance, said that China will accelerate the implementation of the property tax, so that it can further play its role in the regulation of the real estate market. electric scooter for Adult He stressed that the relevant departments in the next stage will improve the tax system for the actual situation of the real estate market, speed up the formulation of tax policies, and pay close attention to the experience of real estate tax pilots in Shanghai and Chongqing, and accelerate the implementation of property tax.check here

According to people familiar with the matter, as the details of the scope of collection, the base point of collection, and the tax rate need to be improved,check here it will take time for the new tax to be promoted nationwide. The pilot effect of the two leading cities in Shanghai and Chongqing will become an important reference for the introduction of new taxes.

The Relevant Information about House Property Tax (III)

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