The definition of Antarctica

The Antarctic continent is the land of the continent except the surrounding islands. It is the world’s latest founding continent. It is located at the southernmost tip of the earth. More than 95% of the Antarctic continent is covered by extremely thick ice and snow, and is known as the “white continent”. Among the six continents, the Antarctic continent is larger than the Australian mainland, ranking fifth. electric scooter for Adult The Antarctic continent and the Australian mainland are the only two continents surrounded by the ocean. They are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. They form a huge hydrosphere around the Earth. They are completely closed and are far away from other continents and civilizations. The mainland, which is completely isolated from the world, still has no permanent residents. Only a small number of scientific expeditions take turns to temporarily live and work in a small number of research stations.

And the Antarctic continent is the most difficult continent to visit. The closest continent to the Antarctic continent is South America, between which is the 970-kilometer-wide Drake Strait. The Antarctic continent is not only far from other continents, but is also surrounded by ice shelves and ice floes several kilometers or even hundreds of kilometers. In winter, the area of ice floes can reach 19 million square kilometers; Mini electric scooter manufacturer even in the summer of Antarctica, there are 2.6 million square kilometers; and there are tens of thousands of huge icebergs floating in the ocean around the Antarctic continent, causing great difficulties and dangers for maritime navigation. Antarctic Circle: The latitude of the south latitude of 66 degrees and 34 minutes is the South Pole. There will be extreme smashing and polar nights in the polar circle. The south of the Antarctic Circle is the South temperate zone and the north of it is the South Cold Belt.

Geographic information

There are more than 220 kinds of minerals in Antarctica, mainly distributed in the East Antarctic, Antarctic Peninsula and coastal islands. According to the fact that there is a large coal field in Antarctica, it can be imagined that it was once in a warm latitude, in order to have a dense forest to form a coal field through geological action, and then after a long drift, it came to the present position. However, the ocean is full of life. In Antarctica, where the climate is extremely cold, plants are difficult to grow, and occasionally plants such as mosses and lichens can be seen. There are birds and sea animals near the coast and islands. Birds are more like penguins. In the summer, penguins often gather along the coast to form a representative Antarctic scene. The ocean around the mainland, whales in groups, is an important whaling area in the world. Mini electric scooter supplier Because of the killing, the number of whales has been greatly reduced, and sea animals such as seals have almost disappeared. There are also many nutrient-rich krills in the ocean near the Antarctic. Krill is also abundant in the ocean around the Antarctic, with an estimated annual catch of 1.05 billion tons, which is available for human demand for aquatic products.

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