According to the website of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education recently issued the Guiding Opinions on Improving the Standardization of Education. The Guiding Opinions require that the procedures for the formulation of educational standards should be standardized, the framework of educational standards should be improved, the implementation mechanism of educational standards should be improved, check here the management mechanism of educational standards should be improved, and international cooperation and exchanges should be deepened.

  1. Deepen the knowing significance about education standardization work

Standards are quantifiable, supervisable, and comparable norms. They are tools for allocating resources, improving efficiency, and advancing the modernization of the governance system. They are a measure of quality, development, and competitiveness. They are basic and versatile language. In recent years, China’s education standardization work has been continuously strengthened, and a series of educational standards have been formulated and implemented, which have played an important role in regulation, guidance and guarantee. At the same time, compared with the education reform, development practice and the needs of education modernization, there are still problems in the standardization of education, such as insufficient scientific norms, and insufficient implementation standards. The major expressions are: the standard awareness is not strong, the standard concept has not yet been established, and there is not forming the habit of doing things according to standards; the standard system is still not perfect, there is still a gap in standard supply, some standards in key areas are missing; the standard setting mechanism is imperfect, and the standardization work needs to be further improved; the dynamic adjustment mechanism is not perfect, some standards have aging problems; the implementation of standards needs to be strengthened and not perfect; the international influence of educational standards is not strong, the international recognition is not high, and so on.check here

Entering a new era, China’s education industry has entered a stage of high-quality development, and the importance of education standards has become increasingly prominent. Accelerate the modernization of education, build a strong education system, run a satisfactory education for the people, and guide the overall level of education in China to gradually enter the forefront of the world. It is necessary to strengthen the standard awareness and standard concepts, form the habit of doing things according to standards, and improve the ability and level of applying standards. Forming an observed, quantifiable, comparable, and measurable working mechanisms, giving full play to the support and leading role of standards.

  1. Clarify the classification of educational standards

According to the standardization law, check here refers to the technical requirements that need to be unified in the field of education. The task of education standardization is to develop standards, organize implementation standards, and supervise the development and implementation of standards.

Educational standards include national standards, industry standards, local and group standards, and corporate standards. National standards are divided into mandatory standards and recommended standards. Industry standards and local standards are recommended standards. Mandatory standards must be implemented. The technical requirements for recommended national standards, industry standards, local standards, group standards, and enterprise standards shall not be lower than the relevant technical requirements of mandatory national standards.

Perfect the Education Standardization Work (I)

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