In other words, it doesn’t matter whether Swift (just to pick an up-and-coming language) occupies the tenth slot on one ranking, and the fifteenth slot on another; the fact that it places on all rankings should be enough for tech pros interested in mobile to give the language some consideration. In a similar vein, as long as these language surveys show the biggest languages maintaining their high rankings,check here it’s doubtlessly safe to learn them (and no, it doesn’t really matter if Python is ranked first on one, and fifth on another). And consider this: For many tech pros, what’s popular in the industry might not have a substantial impact on their careers. If you’re making a hefty salary maintaining an aging mainframe, for example, you might not care much about the rise of newfangled languages such as Swift and Kotlin. For those workers, such rankings are an interesting diversion – although it always pays to know what languages your colleagues are gravitating towards.check here

So we can notice the programming rankings, check here but in fact, it is not such important like someone’s thinking, and we can also notice the newfangled languages and find out the appropriate one.

Programming Language Rankings(II)

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