How important is the communication between parents and children? What do parents do when the children are more resistant to react parents blame or preach? There are some cases such as “Every time my child loses his temper, I learn to repeat the situation with empathy, but he always fails to learn and be incorrigible.” or “Why all understand, but when things happen, the parents blurt out what they regret later?” according to these cases, we may find that the parents do not grasp the good way to communicate with your kids, that is why your kids are not obedient.

Right communication way

The art of communicating in parent-child relationships is really very important. First of all, you have to be mindful, but then you need to master some communication skills. After answering a lot of similar questions from friends, I found that people always miss some key points in communication with kids, so we often have frustrated feeling that it is “hard” and “useless”. About speaking well, I am constantly learning and practicing. Today I share with the readers about the communication ways, hope that such the keywords summary can remind you not to omit some key content.


  • Fact

When children have problems, we are too anxious to educate and correct them, resulting in a lot of subconscious “accusations”, then the fact is one of the most missing abilities of many parents.


For example:

“How did you get the toys on the floor?” – accusation

“I saw that you throw toys all over the floor, so others people would stumble when they walked” – facts and effects


“You see, let’s draw carefully and painting tray is now overturn on the ground” – accusation.

“I saw you strike down the painting tray, and the paint was not easy to clean on the floor.” – facts and effects


Why is it important to “say facts”? First of all, it is focusing on things, not the person. The more mischievous the children are, the less love they have. Only when the kids feel to be loved and accepted, then they will not challenge us again and again to win attention. At the same time, many young children sometimes fail to realize what they have done wrong. When we say facts and influence to the kids, we are helping them to sum up problems. When they understand the reason that toys on the ground are not good, they are more educational.




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Learn to Communicate Before Kids to Be Obedient

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