Malacca in Malaysia is very famous travel city and Tourist attraction. There are a lot of popular and flavor snacks and food, at the same time you also may visit numerous great historical building from colonial period or local style. Here we go, I bring you to travel some popular venues below,

Jonker Street

Jonker street is the busiest street in Malacca center, especially for roaming and hanging out after nightfall. The word “Jonker” comes from the Dutch word Jonkvrouw, meaning Dutch aristocracy, so the literal translation of the street name is “Dutch aristocratic street”. However, Reference to be called Jonker street, antique street, guild hall street and Dutch street in Malacca by Malaysia Chinese all mean Jonker street.

Once upon a time, Jonker Street was inhabited by the wealthy and powerful Baba and Nyonya, descendants of the Ming Dynasty who settled in Malacca, Indonesia and Singapore in the early 15th century. They are the descendant of Chinese and Malays after marriage. In the rows of big houses along the street, the pattern and structures, furnishings, furniture and building materials were all transported from China. In the lobby of the Baba House, there are also Qing Dynasty furniture to be put. Perhaps the old photos of the Qing Dynasty shows the owner of the house, and the present boss is the offspring of Baba and Nyonya.


The most attractive part of Jonker Street is at the beginning of the weekend. At this time, Jonker Street was closed to motor vehicles, and the narrow old street was lined with stalls of all kinds, food, drink and clothes – all kinds of merchandise was dazzling, and tourists of all colors and dresses were bustling. A lot of snacks and drinks that you have not seen before, unnamed fruits and so on, will bring you surprises constantly. Meanwhile the famous food and drink should be HaiNan Chicken Rice Ball, Nyonya Kuih (Nyonya Cake) and Malacca white coffee.



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Beautiful Malacca

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