There are a lot of animals around us, in the nature, according to statistic data from zoologists and biologists, there are many species to be discovered. Meanwhile, 46,900 of Vertebrates. As often, we only saw some common animals in daily life such as poultry or less rare animals through watching TV program. Actually there are numerous animals on the earth which we never know. So animal knowledge is also important to learn if the human think about to develop. Well, let us aim to animal knowledge for popularization of science.Click Here For More.


The most striking feature of vertebrates is that a vertebra or spine supports the body. Typical vertebrates have complex sensory organs and brains that connect muscles and limbs.

Skeletal characteristics

The spine is the main supporting part of the vertebrate skeleton. The skull protects the brain. The heart, lung and other visceral organs are wrapped between the spine and ribs.


Many vertebrates have limbs. Fish swim on fins, and the limbs of terrestrial animals evolve from fins.Click Here For More.


Vertebrate skin is scaly, slippery, hairy, or feathery, and different types of skin are with different function. Scaly skin helps fish protect their bodies; slippery skin helps amphibians breathe on land; and hairy skin helps birds and mammals stay warm.


Vertebrates of different species have their own unique sensitive organs to help them detect danger, forage or courtship, such as vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell, echolocation and sensitivity to electricity, magnetism and gravity.

Animal Knowledge To Popularization Of Science(I)

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