Three factors stimulate the strength of pork conceptual stocks against the trend. Next year’s performance is expected to reverse according to China’s statistic report.

Influences of African swine fever

For pig breeding industry, this year can be described as troubled times. The industry has experienced a series of problems such as the sharp decline in pig prices at the beginning of the year, environmental protection, African swine fever and the restrictions on pig redistribution.Click Here For More.

Entering the peak season of demand in December, pig prices showed signs of bottoming up. The industry expects that with the subsequent lifting of the northern embargo area to promote the circulation of pig, and the increase of consumption demand before the festival, there will still be a driving force for the late pig’s price.

On December 5, pork conceptual stocks rose one after another. Tongdaxin pork conceptual index rose 2.10%, ranking third among the major sectors, TianKang Biology (5.06+7.89%, Diagnostic Stock), Zhengbang Science and Technology (5.49+5.98%, Diagnostic Stock), Muyuan Stock (30.11+5.28%, Diagnostic Stock), Xinwufeng (3.98+3.92%, Diagnostic Stock) were among the top performers.

The epidemic has improved

On December 5, the A-share market contracted, with the hot topics of early venture capital concept and deep adjustment of shell resource stocks. Since this year, the relatively silent pork concept stocks have strengthened against the market, ushering in a wave of rallies. Tiankang’s biomass jumped 7.89%, and the turnover value increased to 127 million yuan, 364 times the previous trading day. Muyuan shares, Zhengbang science and technology rose by more than 5%, Tang Renshen (5.70+4.01%), Tianbang (6.80+4.29%) shares rose by more than 4%, Wen’s shares (26.95+3.45%), Xin Wufeng, Ao Nong Biology (9.64+3.21%), Dabeinong (3.59+2.28%) and other shares also rose by different margins.

Pork Tendency In China(I)

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