Through a few latest news from China, you may find some “unrest” in China. As this Eventful times, meanwhile, the famous medicine company as breaking the law; and A mad man stabbing many students in Beijing city, Capital of China; and some people missing because of collision of the ships and so on. following is the concrete news information as reading.check here

Ship collision off China leading to 8 missing

The maritime authorities said a fishing boat carrying 14 people collided with a cargo ship off the coast of Fujian Province in China on Friday morning, leaving eight missing.check here

Up to 10 a.m., six crew members were rescued after the ship and Hong Kong registered cargo ship collided in Pingtan County’ sea waters, saying that a statement was issued by the Provincial Maritime safety Bureau. Helicopters and nearby ships have been mobilized to search for missing persons, the statement said. However, the cause of the collision is still unknown.

Recently Some “Unrest” In China(I)

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