Marketing tactics will help the enterprises to realize market extending, profit maximization, at the same time it is also good way to publicity enterprise’s image. In recent years along with social development, marketing tactics also has been developed with some new ideas so let us know about these new ideas about marketing tactics.


Marketing tactics is that organize business activities in a planned way based on customer needs and experience to obtain information about customer demand and purchasing power, and expectations of the business community. The process of achieving enterprise goals by providing customers with satisfactory goods and services through coordinated product, price, channel and promotion strategies.


New Ideas

Knowledge marketing refers to the dissemination of new science and technology to the public and their impact on people’s lives. Through popular science publicity, then the consumers not only know what they are, but also why they are, and re-establish new product concepts, so that consumers can germinate the need for new products and achieve the purpose of broadening the market.


Network marketing is to use the network to carry out marketing activities. Nowadays, with the development of information in the world, information network technology is widely used in all fields of production and management, especially in marketing links, forming network marketing.


Green marketing refers to the full expression of environmental protection awareness and social awareness in the whole marketing process, providing consumers with scientific, pollution-free, resources-saving and good social ethical standards of goods and services, and using pollution-free or less pollution production and marketing methods to guide and meet consumers. Is conducive to environmental protection and physical and mental health needs.


Personalized marketing means that the enterprise pushes the concern for people, the release of personality and the satisfaction of individual needs to an unprecedented center. Enterprises and the market gradually establish a new relationship, consumer personal databases and information files, to establish more personal contacts with consumers, to timely understand market trends and customer needs, and to provide customers with a personalized sales and services. Customers put forward product performance requirements according to their own needs, then the enterprises produce products according to customer requirements as far as possible, catering to individual consumer needs and tastes. At the same time the enterprises apply information, adopt flexible tactics to adjust in time, coordinate cooperation between producers and consumers to improve competitiveness, and replace the past mass production with multi-variety, small and medium batch production.




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New Ideas of Marketing Tactics

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