• Three era-driven forces of business model

Business models are related to the times, and the changes in business models are backed by the power of the times. Business models are different in different eras. For example, the business model of the catering industry has always changed with the times. Catering is the first single-store model, with no leverage and limited value. Later, there was a relatively “lugged chain” of catering.

All chains need to have two core competencies: one is front-end standardization; the other is background capability. Front-end standardization is to say how strong a company’s replication capabilities are, and whether the time to open a store is short enough. The ability to copy is related to the unification of the background. You know, when you have a lot of chain stores, your benefits will spread and the disadvantages will be magnified.

Thanks to the three forces of consumption upgrading, capital power, and technological change, a good business model has to change in a few years. A single model is easily constrained by these forces, so it is important to iteratively model the pattern. Each model has its own characteristics and it is difficult to apply it directly to its own business. However, we can understand the logic behind the entire business model. Considering the external environment, internal structure, technology, etc., we can see a business model thoroughly.

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What is the Good Business Model?(III)

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