In financial industry, Risk control is very important thing to be considered. For example, the P2P loan. The innovative financial management mode represented by P2P network loan has been widely concerned and recognized. The borrower of P2P is an individual, mainly credit loan. Faced with the social fund-raising, the corresponding P2C is the upgrade and evolution version of P2P network loan. So consequent risk have to be focused by us. Today, let us know about risk control in finance.Steel Sheet

Market Risk

For the management strategy of market risk, financial institutions must face interest rate risk when they maintain appropriate positions and use interest rate-sensitive financial instruments to trade (e.g. changes in interest rate level or volatility, check here length of mortgage prepayment period and credit differences between corporate bonds and emerging markets); market makers in foreign exchange and foreign exchange options markets or maintain a certain foreign exchange position We have to face foreign exchange risks, and so on.


In the whole risk management framework, the market risk management department, as an executive department of the risk management committee, is fully responsible for the management and control of the market risk of the whole company and reports directly to the CEO.check here


The Department has a number of international offices in key business areas, all of which have a matrix responsibility system. In addition to reporting to global risk managers, they also report to local higher-level non-transaction management departments.

Well understand about Risk Control in Finance(I)

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