Today, there is a really attractive recipe to show to every readers as cuisine’s name Vanilla Asparagus Salmon. According to this name you will find that the main food materials are about asparagus and salmon with indispensable ingredient vanilla.

Nutrition in Food Materials

Asparagus originated in Europe, according to textual research, in the second Century B.C., the Romans had made it into dry food. The ancient Gauls, Germans, and Britons all ate asparagus as a medicine, while the ancient Greeks first ate it as a vegetable. Asparagus is the high quality vegetable with low-sugar, low-fat, high-cellulose, high-vitamin, its selenium content is higher than ordinary vegetable, and close to selenium-rich mushrooms, and even similar selenium content with sea fish, shrimp and so on.


Salmon is rich in nutrients, its nutrition content contains unsaturated fatty acids, fish protein with 18 amino acids (including eight essential amino acids for human), and protein content is significantly higher than other fishes. In addition, salmon is also rich in many minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.



Salmon 150g,

White Asparagus 100g,

Butter 15g,

Unsalted butter 100ml,

Salt 3g,

Black pepper 3g,

Tarragon 10g,

Yolk 1piece,



  1. At the first, we have to prepare White Asparagus. Rinse the white asparagus then peel the skin of it. After that dice the white asparagus as 6mm.
  2. To mix the dices of white asparagus with butter, tarragon, salt and black pepper.
  3. About salmon, if it is whole huge salmon fish, you have to chop it into the size you need. If you buy salmon from supermarket with finished, then you no need to waste time to clean and cut it.
  4. Evenly to put the white Asparagus on the every salmon chop.
  5. To wrap the salmon chop by oiled paper.
  6. To put the salmon into steam box with steaming as 100 degrees Celsius and 16 minutes.
  7. To prepare one plate, then mix Unsalted butter, Tarragon granule, Yolk together and stir them by whisk about 2 minutes. After that evenly mix with salt and black pepper powder, then Garnish on the salmon with white asparagus.

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Vanilla Asparagus Salmon

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