The solar thermal industry is a new type of sunrise industry in China and the world. To achieve real breakthroughs and development, we must adopt an open management approach, integrate all resources across industries, cross-disciplines and cross-borders to innovate and fully develop and promote green. The environmentally-friendly solar light and heat products have realized the rapid development of the company and effectively promoted the technological progress of the entire industry. l profile steel manufacturer

Because the solar bracket is placed in the external environment, it must withstand the test of the external environment, including the effects of high winds, thunderstorms and other factors. When calculating the stability of the solar photovoltaic support foundation, the following problems should be considered when encountering strong winds:

1.The wind blown into the back of the panel causes the structure to float; the wind blown into the underside of the panel creates a vortex that causes the air pressure to change, causing the panel to attract to the ground.

2.Under the influence of lateral wind, the foundation slides or falls; the foundation sinks, the vertical force exceeds the vertical support force; the foundation itself is destroyed.

The solar thermal industry

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