Nowadays, the most of modern buildings adopt steel structure as its structure of main body. According its popularity, steel structure must meet to so many good features as people’s acceptance. About steel structure’s advantages, today description of steel structure is main topic as my post.Click Here For More.

The features of Steel structure

Whether the building structure with safety and reliability involves not only the safety of life and property, but also the social impact. Therefore, we should first have a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of the building structure. Because steel structure is mainly made of steel plate, hot rolled section steel or cold-formed thin-walled section steel, which is connected, manufactured and assembled by various means, it has different characteristics compared with other building structures.

Mainly used in industrial buildings, large-span structures, high-rise structures, multi-storey and high-rise civil buildings, structures with high dynamic loads and seismic requirements, plate and shell structures, detachable structures, light steel structures, and reinforced concrete composite structures.

The Popular Steel Structure For Modern Buildings(I)

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