1. The teaching content of the computer is relatively abstract

In the junior high school, although mathematics and physics teaching involves quite a few basic concepts, teachers mostly express themselves in an image, vivid and perceptible language, and strengthen their understanding through demonstration experiments and student experiments. In computer teaching, it is basically new concept nouns, such as binary, central processing unit, etc., are invisible and intangible,Click Here For More. and students must have an adaptation process.

  1. Students’ learning burden is increasing

In the first semester of freshmen, the teaching of secondary vocational schools is generally unsuitable.Click Here For More.

First of all, the knowledge structure has changed. The teaching curriculum not only includes cultural courses, but also increases the unfamiliar professional basic courses. Secondly, the number of supplementary exercises and review time is greatly reduced. Again, the teaching time is changed from ”single section” to ”double section”. From the beginning of a class in junior high school, only 30 minutes of new lessons will be transferred to two new lessons.

  1. Computer teaching requires higher thinking ability

In the junior high school stage, the teacher divides the practice questions into different categories, Click Here For More. establishes a unified solution to the problem, and the students’ thinking is inertial. Unconsciously, they develop a mechanical imitation, and they want to ask questions and rigid habits. Computer teaching requires students to be inferior, touch the analogy, dare to discover, dare to explore, let the “heart” and “brain” plug in the wings of imagination, be a thinker and practitioner, and at first many students feel at a loss. In short, secondary vocational schools are characterized by professional teaching, and students have certain difficulties in adapting in the short term. It is normal to encounter some obstacles in teaching.

The importance of computers in today’s society

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