Only short 5 decades, our world has been developed with amazing speed through scientific and technological ways. It may show everywhere no matter at home, hospital, or office and so on. These inventions from old time always give us inspiration and help and the most of modern science and technologies are based on them. Certainly, at the same time these inventions also sign social development. Well, hereby let me collect some great inventions from 5 decades ago.

TV Remote Control, 1955

Now, we do not need to change the channel of TV program through switching the button on the TV. Because TV remote control will help us to solve this issue. We only site on the sofa then click on the controller, a good TV program here. This is really convenient and high efficient invention. Adler and Eugene Polley, engineers at Zenith Electronics Group in the United States, invented the TV remote control, and both won the Emmy Award for it.

Microwave Oven, 1955

This kitchen tool always are popular till now. The most of family use it to cook kinds of food and heat the food. High efficient and more powerful products. Percy Spencer was also a researcher at Raytheon in 1946. By chance, he found that the magnetron (microwave) melted the candy in his pocket. It has been proved that microwave radiation can cause molecular vibration inside food and generate heat. In 1947, Spencer has his patents “radar range” may cooks with high-frequency radio-waves, at the same time the first microwave oven came out through Tappan Stove Co.

Jet Plane, 1958

In October 1953, Lieutenant Colonel Frank Kendall (“Pete”) Everest, U.S. pilot,  piloted a YF-100A test fighter at a speed of 1215.298 km/h, setting a new world record.


In August 1955, U.S. pilot and Colonel Horace A. Hanes piloted the mass-produced F-100C Super Sabre Fighter 53-1709, setting his compatriot Everest’s record of 1,323.312 km/h for nearly two years.


In 1956, an British-born pilot piloted the FD-2 aircraft to speed the world up to 1821.7 km/h (Mach 1.731).


Boeing 707 is the first Boeing jetliner in service. It is a medium-sized, long-range, narrow-body, four-jet airliner developed by Boeing from 1958 to 1979.



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