The United States are the most cannot save money in the world who spends the most money. This is why the United States now has hundreds of millions of national debts. This is also fully shown in the personal life of the Americans. Generally, Americans spend more money than they do in banks. In the United States, advanced consumption concepts are prevalent. Generally speaking, international students in the United States feel that Americans are extravagant. Americans buy anything as long as they want. They not only buy them themselves, but also encourage their friends to buy them together. This is a big deal with Americans’ timely pleasure and advanced consumption. As is well known, the Chinese like to save. They are always conservative when they are planning to spend money. It is different in the USA, where far fewer families are saving money for emergencies and education than their Chinese counterparts.


In China, establishing cordial relationships in business is extremely important, no matter how much time that takes. While the concept of contracts does exist on quite a large extent in China, they are not given as much importance as in the West. In China, business people take time to establish relationships until the opposite party can be trusted, and often, contracts are merely a formality which sometimes aren’t even drawn up. A handshake or verbal promise is enough to seal a deal.

While Americans aren’t opposed to establishing business relationships, the main focus actually is the speed and efficiency of the transaction and sealing the deal. Business in the U.S. is consequently more cut-throat and competitive than in China. Contracts are seen to be the most important requirement in a business deal in America. Businesses in the U.S. operate according to these contracts, which contain all the terms and conditions to be followed by both parties.

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The Culture Differences between China and America(I)

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