Exercise is a good medicine to keep healthy, Click Here For More. but unreasonable exercise can quietly hurt you. If you find that your workout is getting worse or worse, or you are often exhausted, you may be overworked. At this moment, the warning signal from the body must not be ignored. Experts remind you of 8 performances that are over-exercised and teach you to avoid sports injuries.

Excessive abnormal signal

1.Disgusting vomiting

After eliminating the causes of digestive diseases, such as nausea during exercise or after exercise, most of them are caused by excessive exercise and lack of oxygen. Exercisers should slow down the pace, starting from a small amount of exercise, step by step.Click Here For More.

  1. Headache and dizziness

There should be no headache during or after exercise.Click Here For More. If this symptom occurs, stop the activity and check the cardiopulmonary function. Except for starting some exercises, there should be no dizziness. If it continues to occur, it is a signal of insufficient blood supply to the brain. It is necessary to check the cerebrovascular system and the cervical vertebra in time.

  1. Chest discomfort

If you exercise too much, sweating in the front of chest, accompanied by shortness of breath, it may be a signal that the heart is affected, you should stop the activity immediately. If you feel burning pain, chest tightness, etc., it may be blocked by blood vessels, resulting in a decrease in blood and oxygen flowing to the heart, that are signs of heart attack or angina pectoris. It is recommended to go to the hospital immediately.

Sports Should be Stop Where It Should be Stop

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