Cool, Science and technology promotes globe development, meanwhile for every countries, they try the best to develop new technologies and apply these technologies for different sorts of domain. Not only this may ensure the nation with new technology is on the edge during the large and strong countries in the world, but it is also to help domestic economic and industry’s development and improve peoples’ life. Here we go, let us know about new technology below,click

Artificial Sun in China

A laboratory in Anhui Province, click Eastern China, said that the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak, known as the “China Artificial Sun”, had an electron temperature of more than 100 million degrees in its core plasma, a key step in the test operation of a fusion reactor.

Mr. Gong Xianzu, the head of the experiment, click said that the ultimate goal of EAST is to use the abundant deuterium in the ocean to create nuclear fusion like the sun to provide a stable clean energy flow. It reaches about seven times the temperature inside the sun, or 15 million degrees Celsius. Mr. Gong said the temperature of the experiment last year was about 50 million degrees Celsius. Through the effective integration and synergy of four kinds of heating power such as lower hybrid wave heating, ion cyclotron resonance heating, electron cyclotron wave heating and neutral beam ion heating, optimize the plasma current density profile.

New Technology To Develop Around The World(I)

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