As the extension and development of traditional marketing, network marketing has not only the common side with traditional marketing, but also the difference from traditional marketing. I think that with the rapid development of Internet, the characteristics of network marketing are becoming more and more prominent. In fact, network marketing is the same as traditional marketing in order to achieve the purpose of enterprise marketing, but in the actual operation and implementation process, network marketing is quite different from traditional marketing. Today I do some analysis on Internet marketing and traditional marketing.

Network Marketing

The characteristics of network marketing include two aspects: On the one hand is based on the Internet and the Internet is the marketing medium. On the other hand, it belongs to the marketing scope, and is a form of marketing.


  1. Network media has the characteristics of wide spread, fast speed, without time and region restriction, without time and layout limitation, detailed content, multimedia transmission, vivid image, two-way communication, fast feedback and so on. It is conducive to improve the efficiency of enterprise marketing information dissemination, enhancing the effect of enterprise marketing information dissemination from the side, and reducing the cost of enterprise marketing information dissemination.
  2. Internet marketing has no store rental cost. And there are marketing means to achieve product direct sales, help enterprises to reduce inventory pressure and reduce operating costs.
  3. The Enterprises are not restricted by its own scale. It can get information from all over the world and display itself equally. With the use of network marketing, every enterprise can quickly establish its own global information network and trade network at very little cost.
  4. Internet marketing enables consumers to have greater freedom of choice than traditional marketing. Consumers can also quickly find their own products according to their own characteristics and needs without geographical and time constraints, and can make full comparisons, which is conducive to saving the transaction time and transaction costs of consumers.


Traditional Marketing

Traditional mode of direct promotion, it is through its door-to-door visits to realize its own marketing promotion. The mode of direct promotion is heavy workload, low efficiency and narrow sales coverage.


Traditional Distribution Agency mode, It is an important undertaker of channel function. The middleman can participate in the actual logistics, promotion flow and market information flow of distribution channel wholly or partially. Generally speaking, the function of distribution channels to realize product value and improve transaction efficiency and efficiency is to enhance the competitive advantage of enterprises. There are many links of middlemen, which leads to marketing channels with long period.


There are many forms and contents of advertisement publishing such as advertorial mode of newspaper media, radio lecture mode of radio station, and thematic film mode of TV. But this kind of investment cost is high, the payment is slow to be received and the business risk is large.


Sale products and publicize company business by telephone, communicate effectively with customers through telephone to understand customer needs, seek sales opportunities and complete sales performance. However its workload is large and its efficiency is low. The customers can not understand products directly, resulting in low customer confidence.

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Network Marketing And Traditional Marketing

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