Experience of Larry Bird

In the second year of high school, Larry Bird missed most of the season because of a broken ankle, but led Springs Valley High School to a 19-2 record, which made him a local celebrity.


In his third year of high school, Larry Bird became the top scorer in Springs Valley High School history. In his last home game, about 4,000 fans came to watch the game.

In 1974, Larry Bird entered the University of Indiana to play ball. The autistic Larry Bird was frightened by the size of the school. 24 days later, he made the decision to drop out. Bird returned home, went to North Wood University, and dropped out for the second time.


Larry Bird had to work part-time for a year, playing amateur league, and then decided to enter Indiana State University. Before that, Indiana State University had never entered the NCAA elimination tournament, but Bird made the team with only 3100 seats at home reach its peak, and “Bird Basketball” became the symbol of Indiana State University. He averaged 30 and 10 rebounds per game.

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Larry Joe Bird – Former NBA player

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