Tarantulas have fur-like furs on their back, and they have eight eyes. Some are so poisonous that they can kill a sparrow meanwhile the larger Tarantulas may kill one person by poison and venom. It is one of the most fierce spiders with almost 25mm size according to discovery of naturalists.Click Here For More.

Shape Features

Eight eyes are black and arranged in three rows. Click Here For More. From the arrangement of the eyes, it can be identified that Tarantulas with four small eyes in the front row, two eyes in the middle row and two eyes in the back row are small or medium size. The feet are sturdy and prickly with 3 claws at the end. It is named for its good running, jumping, agility and ferocity. According to statistics, more than 1,500 species worldwide. The most of body size are around 3 to 25mm, meanwhile Most wander for hunting, few for hunting by net. The tarantulas are like to move and hunt on the ground, ridge, furrow, field and plant. At rest, they are hidden under rocks or in the cracks of soil, meanwhile some species of cave dwelling. They usually forage in the daytime and in warm areas at night. Large predation is an important natural enemy of pests in farmland.

Distribution and Range

Burrowing tarantulas are distributed in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Click Here For More. Gansu and Jilin provinces of China. During the breeding season (from May to July near Urumqi, from July to August in Yili nilek mountains), the female spider often travels with small spiders. At this time, its venom is also the most poisonous, and it is easy to hurt people and animals. In Yili and Hami areas, there are reports of bites and animals, which may kill people in severe cases. About symptoms of poisoning, this species of spider venom is colorless, bitter taste, alkaline reaction, being dissolved in water but insoluble alcohol and ether. Toxicity was damaged during high temperature above 75 ℃.

Fierce Spider Around The World

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