The sports watches are very popular, and now more and more swimmers, mountain climbers and many outdoor sports fans use sports watches. So outdoor sports watches are also getting better sales. This time I would like to introduce some famous sports watches to the collectors of sport watches and the enthusiasts of sport as reference and appreciation.Click Here For More.

GARMIN Forerunner 620

The watch also has built-in GPS and acceleration sensors,Click Here For More. and the common heart rate strap can also complete oxygen consumption prediction, which is quite comprehensive. In addition, it also has built-in Bluetooth function, which can upload data to smart-phones and get more comprehensive activity data through applications.


The SUUNTO series is also equipped with hr for heart rate measurement, which is wirelessly connected to watches. Through GPS positioning, we can choose all kinds of exercises, including time, mileage, heart rate, calorie consumption and so on.Click Here For More.

This table can also measure the elevation of a mechanical pressure according to the change of air pressure, or the arrival of a storm according to the sudden change of air pressure. The longitude and latitude at that time and the sunrise and sunset time of that day can be measured by GPS positioning. It also has a powerful three-dimensional (3D) compass effect. In a word, it is a powerful sports watch.

It also has a sapphire mirror. Another thing that other brands can’t match is that it can work normally under extreme conditions below 20 degrees Celsius.


Famous Sport Watches(I)

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