There are some regulations that we all should know:

  1. The main factor that can effect children’s performances is family, but not school.
  2. If you don’t have a correct family education, your child may feel hard in his school, and probably will become the ”problem child” in his school.
  3. The children who have a good grade, heir moms are always the person who have plan and treat strict for themselves.
  4. Poor is an important educational resource, but this statement ”poor is good for child’s life growth” is not correct. As their parents, we need provide the basic cultural materials, should definitely not let the children come into the abyss of self-abasement.
  5. Wealth is a more high-class educational resource, the experience of Western people is ”It takes three generations to cultivate a noble”. ”The class is hereditary”. But the more high-class needs the more high-class teaching technology, in the contract, the wealthy family will bring the children disadvantage during their life growth.
  6. Do not be a parent that have only knowledge but not have culture. Some ones have highly educated, but they may have not culture. If the parents don’t know how to treat others, even don’t know how to treat their children, they are always the ones who have no culture whether how highly educated they have.

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Educational Reform Should be Started from the Parental Teaching (III)

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