By this time let us talk about some bad habit which patents do to their children. We have to avoid these issue so that your children will grow up well. The most of habits are common issues to parents, but they seldom focus on these bad habits of education. Education about children is always important to learn and try to analyse and compare which way is good to educate your children.

Avoiding Children Suffer Losses

Everything is arranged by the parents for fear that the children themselves will be frustrated by the wrong step. Parents always want to interfere in children’s affairs. In fact, interfering in children’s ways of doing things, behavior and habits from an early age is also a great drawback for children’s future growth. They do not know how to solve problems alone. When confronted with setbacks, easy to be vulnerable, it is better to accept on some small losses, then will not suffer a big loss after growing up .

Parents Who Are Used To Comparison

Always comparing own children with others’ children. Always blame your children as other children will do better than you, you are so sucks; you are so stupid, other children always are better than you. Please remember that do not always compare your children’s weaknesses with the strengths of others. Every child has the strengths of every child. Every child has the speciality of every child. No one is a copy of anyone. There are not exactly the same two leaves, it is better to play their own strengths and advantages, showing out of children own sky.

Like to Take Care of Children

This kind of phenomenon is often happened in Asia such as China, Japan or Korea. The most of parents will take care of children’s everything without more participation from Children like washing clothes for children; cleaning room for children; wearing clothes for children and so on. The children will be lack of practice of daily life expect study everyday. Normally we call this kinds of children nerdy. Besides study they know nothing after they graduate from high school or college.

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Education about Children

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