Arsenal Football Club, has won the love from the most of football Fans, is always showing its brilliant side to us. By this time let me introduce this famous team and club below, so that the most of people will know it and love it.


Arsenal Football Club is a football club located in the northwest of London. It was founded in 1886. It is one of the twenty football clubs in the English Premier League. The club is based in Holloway, London. Arsenal is one of the largest clubs in the history of England. Since its establishment, they have won 13 Championships in the top league, 13 FA Cups and three Premier League championships. They have been the longest staying clubs in the top football league of England.



The original address of the Arsenal club and the original name both were called “Dial Square”. It is founded in 1886 by a group of workers at a weapons manufacturing facility called “Royal Arsenal” in Dial Square, Woolwich, Southeast London, it was originally named “Dial Square” as well as region’s name. The first game was held in December 11, 1886, and the team won the match by 6 to 0.


On Christmas day December 25, 1886, the team was renamed “Royal Arsenal”. At first, Royal Arsenal played friendly matches everywhere or took part in local cup competitions. In 1891, the club completed its reform, became a professional club and was renamed Woolwich Arsenal again. In 1893, the team joined the Football League and became a second division team. In 1913, the Arsenal Club moved to Highbury Stadium and stayed there for 93 years, then officially renamed Arsenal.


After World War I, the Football League expanded the First Division and voted to upgrade Arsenal to First Division. Since then, Arsenal has remained at the top of the English League and become the only team that has never been downgraded.


In 1930s, A Senna ushered in the first dynasty called Dynasty. In the 1930/31 season, Arsenal won the first championship of Major League. From 1933 to 1935, the Team won three consecutive seasons. In the history of England football, only four teams have completed such a great undertaking.


But to the grief of the Arsenal people, the Merit Coach Herbert Chapman died in 1934, and the Sheffield United-born manager brought the team the earliest glory.

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Arsenal Football Club

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