The birth of ‘Air Jordan Three’ truly marked the arrival of the “Air Jordan” era. With Jordan’s amazing jump of the free throw line, fans like me were completely conquered by him. Needless to say, NIKE knows how important Michael Jordan’s personal appeal is, which fully ensures that Nike shoes are accepted by various consumer groups. In line with the historical conditions of the NBA at that time, Bird and Magic Johnson, also some great players were old one after another, and the League was headless for a while, so a vigorous God-building campaign began.

Jordan Sport series including Jordan series of basketball shoes, sports training shoes and jerseys, are breathable, highly stable, functional and avant-garde products. Among them, Air Jordan series shoes were introduced to the 19th generation, and many reissued editions made basketball’s fans fond of them. Jordan Lifestyle series stimulates a variety of design inspiration in various sports elements, such as baseball shirts, long, short sleeve shirts, woolen vest or innovative jeans, which make Jordan Lifestyle series can be worn across sports, showing a variety of daily leisure styles.Click Here For More.

About Shoes of Air Jordan Series

Here we go, let us introduce related edition of Air Jordan below,

Jordan Camelo 1.5

Nike air Jordan xiii retro

Nike air Jordan xx

Jordan Melo M3

Jordan Melo M4

Jordan Melo M5

Jordan Melo M6

Jordan Melo M7

Jordan Melo M8

Jordan Melo M9

Jordan Melo M10 [1]

Jordan Melo M11

Jordan pro status

Jordan xiii retro

Jordan xx PE

Jordan TGIM(The Game Is Mine)

Jordan Icons

Air Jordan 2010 Team

Jordan Evolution 85

Air Jordan 2011

Air Jordan xx8

Air Jordan xx8 se

Air Jordan xx8 pe

Air Jordan, Really Cool Brand Around The World(II)

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