PHP as popular open resource script language may help to realize website development, and output good html page to the browser of customer end. Certainly, you may think this is only the contribution from PHP? Click Here For More. Actually the answer is no, as professional developer normally They develop the website through programming language PHP with also popular database Mysql and web server Apache. By this time let us understand Mysql with related basic functions.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is the most popular relational database management system. MySQL is one of the best RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) applications in WEB applications.Click Here For More.

As beginners you may understand it is store which according to data structure to organize and store and manage data. As official name it is called database. MySQL is one of the famous database around the world. Click Here For More. Certainly, there are some other database also may consider to apply.

Each database has one or more different APIs for creating, accessing, managing, searching and replicating stored data. We can also store data in files, but the speed of reading and writing data in files is relatively slow.Click Here For More.

About PHP And MYSQL(I)

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