Mount Qomolangma also is called Mount Everest. It is the main peak of the Himalayas and the highest mountain in the world. It is located on the border between China and Nepal. Its northern part is in Tingri County, Tibet, China.check here The most of Mountaineering enthusiasts like to climb the Mount Everest every year. However, there is the latest news about “permanently closed due to heavy pollution”, this is really awesome news for every lovers of Mountaineering.

Permanently closed due to heavy pollution

With the continuous development of “Enthusiasm for climbing Mount Everest” tourism, the number of tourists to the National Nature Reserve of Mount Everest has increased year by year, which has caused unprecedented pressure on scenic spots.check here

Since 2018, the autonomous region has organized the clearance of up to 8.4 tons of garbage above 5,200 meters above sea level in the Everest Reserve. On December 5, last year, the Everest Administration of Tingri County, Xigaze City, check here issued a notice that no unit or individual is allowed to enter the core regional tourism above the Maubu Temple in Mount Everest National Nature Reserve. This means that tourists should stop at Maubu Temple and not go to the base camp of Mount Everest two kilometers away.

The rubbish on Mount Everest is all-encompassing, abandoned mountaineering equipment and daily necessities, and human excrement that is difficult to degrade. In order to clean up the wastes, there have been a series of garbage removal activities organized by the government or led by local mountaineering teams in recent years, both on the South and North slopes.

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