Now PHP language is very popular as well known in this industry. However, the most of people forget who create and compile this language and complete it gradually. Actually he is Rasmus Lerdorf. We may call him father of PHP language (Hypertext Preprocessor).

Detail about Rasmus Lerdorf

Rasmus Lederoff started PHP in 1994 as a simple program written in Perl to count visitors to his own website. Later, it was rewritten the program through C language including access to the database. In 1995, when the first version of Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools) was published, Lerdorf wrote some documents describing the program and released PHP 1.0. You should know this early version only may offer some simple functions such as visitor’s message book, visitor counter and so on.



In the future, more and more websites used PHP, and owners of these websites urge to add some features for PHP language such as loop statements and array variables and so on. In the middle of 1995, PHP2.0 was released after new members joined in the development. This second version was called PHP/FL (Form interpreter).


This is the breakthrough about PHP language development. PHP/FI has joined the support of mySQL, and has established PHP’s status in developing dynamic web pages. According to the statistic data, by the end of 1996, 15,000 websites had used PHP/FI. By the middle of 1997, there were more than fifty thousand websites using PHP/FI. In mid-1997, a third edition of the project was launched. The team joined Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans, and the third edition was named PHP3. In 2000, PHP4.0 came out again, adding many new features.


PHP Father and Yahoo

Rasmus Lederoff joined Yahoo as an engineer in 2002. His most famous achievement was to create the original PHP language and become an open source developer, speaker and author. Zend was then responsible for the depth and commercialization of PHP, but Lederoff still has been involved in some of its open source projects. Since the creation of the PHP language, Rasmus Lederoff has worked for many companies, but he spent most of his career at Yahoo. He has also established close ties with Yahoo. Rasmus Lederoff is one of the most recent departures of Yahoo Star Engineers and Research & Development personnel, greatly weakening Yahoo’s strong team of engineers.


Rasmus Lederoff has recently been given more attention because of his blog. For example, he gave a philosophical overview of his invention of the PHP language: “The no-framework PHP framework”.

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About father of PHP programming Language

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