Programming is absolutely important now around the world. Not only the programming and coding job may realize high salary for every programmers, but it is also important to develop our society and change our world to advanced and modern age. Let us have a review about last two decades. There is few social platform for us, and not complete online chatting tools such as ICQ, QQ in China, MSN messenger and Yahoo messenger and so on. Actually, in really short terms, Facebook, twitter has been published and widely been applied by us since early 2000 till now. Meanwhile, the most of software has been transplants to mobile phone which realize touch screen operation. All of these must depend on the basic education of programming and the most of talents of programming need to be cultivated. In China, central government also pay attention to foster professional programmers. Well let us have a read about some new development in China’s city and see how they take account of education of programming.Click Here For More.

On February 16, 1984, Former China Chairman Deng Xiaoping put forward that the popularization of computers should start with kids.

Shanghai City

Shanghai is the earliest place to practise “early education in programming ”. Since 1982, the Municipal Bureau of Education has selected 8 pupils and 8 middle school students from each district for the basic computer training to test the adaptability of children to computer education.Click Here For More.


About Education Of Programming In China(I)

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