Referring to Disney, I think everyone will be so familiar to this name. Because it is children’s paradise and dream world. Well, according to its so high popularity, You should know for its development. Yes, the answer is positive to its profit in 2008. let us know about concrete information of Disney development below,

Main Information

Walt Disney Co., DIS announced on Thursday that traditional films such as Black Panther have achieved great success in the past year, while Robert Iger, its chief executive, continues to publicize the company’s digital future to investors. Well, in meantime Robert Iger forecast as the giant transaction of promoting company to strategic shift toward to direction of steam media will accelerate its pace. He said Disney’s acquisition of 21 Century Fox Inc. (FOX) major assets could be completed much earlier than previously prediction in mid-2019.


The deal will allow Disney to launch a direct consumer-oriented service, streaming television programs based on Disney copyright content such as High School Musical and Fox brand programs of National Geographic. As traditional film and television companies face new competition from Silicon Valley and Netflix Inc. (NFLX), the integration of these two entertainment resources may reshape Hollywood’s economic pattern.


Disney’s $71.3 billion as acquisition of Fox’s assets is driving the company to launch a direct consumer-oriented service featuring Disney films and TV shows. Robert Iger first revealed the name of the service as Disney+ in a teleconference of fiscal year results on Thursday.

Based on 21st Century Fox sold its stake in Sky PLC, a European pay-TV operator, to Comcast Co., CMCSA, at the same time the judiciary has ordered Walt Disney to sell its sports network of 21st Century Fox. As a result, Walt Disney’s $71.3 billion acquisition of 21st Century Fox assets will shrink by more than $20 billion.


Iger said that despite Comcast Co., CMCSA acquisition of Sky, Walt Disney will still launch Disney + in Europe, and that once Hulu has majority control, the company plans to push the business to more foreign markets. In the three months ending September 29, the company”s profit grew 33% to $2.32 billion, or $155 per share, and its revenue increased 12% to $14.31 billion. Excluding disposable items, earnings per share were $1.48.

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